Monthly Archives: November 2010

Wind damage

Last week’s gale tore a section of felt off the roof of the shed, so the first priority on Saturday morning was to set to with repairs. After that, it was more digging to remove bramble roots from the patch we’re preparing for the new raspberry canes.  By Sunday lunch that was done and the support stakes were in – so we’re ready for the canes when they arrive.

Just to show how thick the brambles are at the top of the plot, R discovered a black plastic compost bin buried deep within them!  It’s one of the sort that the Council gave away a few years back.  We’ve got one in the back garden and it works very well.


A path uncovered

This morning I borrowed the strimmer and cleared some of the grass and weeds on the right-hand section of the plot.  This revealed that a well-laid brick path extends the whole way up the middle of the plot to the shed.

This will require us to amend our plans for the layout of the next raised beds.  After some consideration of alternatives, we decided on a plan.  The first priority, though, is to do some more digging to clear more ground for the 18 additional raspberry canes that we have ordered.  After that, we’ll move on to digging the ground for the next raised beds.

R has planted garlic, which is already putting up shoots, and today she sowed some broad beans.  The strawberries from the garden at home are in, too. We’ve smothered the paths between the beds with the wood-chip mulch that gets delivered to the allotments and is free to members.  It’s soft and sweet-scented pine.

Raspberry canes are in

Saturday morning began crisp and bright, with the forecast saying it would stay that way all day.  Dug out the raspberry canes from the garden and began transplanting them in their new home on the plot.  I’d already erected supports in two rows 4 feet apart, and now we dug in the canes one foot apart, adding manure to the trenches.

With just a few canes to go, the sky to the southwest began to darken ominously, and soon the rain came.  We managed to finish the transplanting as the rain intensified.

I’ll have to buy a new hammer and mallet – they were the only things stolen from our shed, one of several break-ins on the allotments over the past few nights.  Someone had a generator stolen, which couldn’t possibly have been hauled over the perimeter fence.  Speculation is that it is an inside job – someone who has a key to the main gate.