Monthly Archives: February 2011

Raspberry canes planted

Managed to get down to the plot today and plant the raspberry canes that had been sheltering in the conservatory during the intensely cold weather.

They are a ‘full season’ collection comprising:

  • Raspberry ‘Glen Moy’ (Early season summer fruiting) – produces an abundance of firm, medium sized fruits from June to July on virtually spine-free canes, which make harvesting a pleasure.
  • Raspberry ‘Glen Ample’ (Mid season summer fruiting) – Exceptional high-yielding mid season variety, producing a heavy crop of large, deep red, succulent berries, with superb flavour.
  • Raspberry ‘Autumn Bliss’ (Late season autumn fruiting) – One of the best and most reliable autumn fruiting varieties, producing a heavy crop of large red berries from late August until mid October.