Monthly Archives: October 2011

Greenhouse woes

We’ve had two gales in quick succession, and they have taken their toll on the new greenhouse.  After the first gale, two of the polycarbonate panels had blown out.  I replaced them and made them more secure by sealing the joins with waterproof aluminium tape.  The next gale blew out three more.

The problem is the design of the greenhouse – the grooves that the polycar panels slide into are much too shallow – little more than 50mm.  And when one blows out you have to knock the gutter back out with a mallet as far as the section where the panel has blown out (the photo above shows the greenhouse under construction before the roof and side panels were slid into place and the gutter knocked in).

The problem is that the gutter won’t stand up to being hammered in and out so often – the soft aluminium is starting to buckle and crack.  So now I’ve sealed every panel on all sides, inside and out with the aluminium tape.  Touch wood – I can’t see them being blown out so easily now.

At the time we decided t buy a greenhouse we weighed up the pros and cons of glass versus polycarbonate.  I wish now that we’d gone for glass – I had been put off glass because it looked more difficult to assemble, but the erection of this greenhouse, from Walton’s, was no easy job, either. Although it seemed a bit of a bargain – 12 foot by 8 foot for less than £500 – it turned out to be poorly designed.  It could not have been designed by anyone who has ever used a greenhouse – there is no water collection facility from the guttering, no bolt holes or similar in the frame to which you can attach shelving, no means of keeping the door closed beyond a feeble magnet that soon drops off.

Still, cross fingers, it should stand up to the wind a little better now…