Monthly Archives: April 2012

Warm weather progress

Seeds sowed: mesclun (mixed salad), rocket, radish (in bed 6)

We’ve made a lot of progress during the unseasonably warm weather – some record-breaking March temperatures have been recorded, especially in Scotland.  I continue to make progress digging over the section beyond the shed that’s been covered with black plastic and carpeting all winter.  When that’s done, I’ll wheelbarrow the surplus soil from the area where we plan to build a summerhouse-shed and dump it there temporarily.

This week one of the local tree surgeons dropped off a lorry-load of wood-chip that has now been laid down on all the paths, giving the plot a very tidy appearance.

The next step will be to level out the area for the new shed and lay flags for the base.  I also need to re-lay the existing patio, which was done hurriedly last year and has sunk a bit.