Monthly Archives: July 2012

The shed

I haven’t posted here for a while – the main reason being that I’ve been very busy building this shed, finished now after gradually taking shape over the last three months.  The idea is that will be the shed for relaxing in and in front of, while the other shed remains the ‘dirty’ shed, storing tools and harvested produce, and used for potting.

The shed began life as 28  thirteen foot scaffold timbers, bought in the winter off a youth worker raising money for the project he works for.  I spent a long time drawing plans (though, strangely, when it came to it, the shed seemed to take shape organically, with features and dimensions not in the drawings).

I began by treating all the timbers – and the additional 2X2s and 3X3s I obtained from local timber recycling yards for the frame.  Then the ground was levelled and a base of concrete flags laid down.

I laid the base timbers on a 3X3 frame, and then, one by one, erected pre-fabricated end and side frames, and nailing them together before cladding the frame with the scaffold timber.

In typical allotment style, bits and pieces began to turn up for the structure: a couple of glazed window frames from a neighbouring plotholder (who also gave tremendous help with the building work), a door from a skip in our street, and finally a laminated worktop thrown out from flats up the street that were being refurbished.

The roof went on in June, and roofing felt added.  Then the shed was painted white inside, and outside with Ronseal Seagrass from the Woodland colour range.  The window frames were picked out in yellow.

My daughter had given me a couple of climbing roses on Fathers’ Day – one of them was yellow, and so I decided to add a trellis that the rose could climb up at one end of the shed.

The final step was to lay a patio area in front of the shed.  All is now finished – all we need is some proper summer weather so we can do what we planned – sit in front of our new shed of an evening, catching the last rays of the sun as we drink a glass of wine and eat some of what the plot has provided.