Monthly Archives: November 2012

Digging in wet ground

Now that the old shed has been demolished, I’m digging over the ground where it once stood.  But the conditions are not good for digging: the ground is saturated from the accumulations of rain we’ve had through this summer and autumn (I notice it walking the dog in the park in the mornings – the ground feels so sodden that it couldn’t hold another drop of moisture).

Digging on the plot this last week, there were places where the water table was at less than a spade’s depth.  I’m turning over the area where the last two deep beds are going – one of them to be dedicated to a bed of asparagus.

Beyond the raspberries, we have plans for an area of fruit – adding a gooseberry bush and a redcurrant to the blueberries, rhubarb and wild strawberries already there.


The end of a shed

Not content with building one shed on the allotment this year, I’ve just finished another. The old shed that was on the plot when we took it over was, though originally well-built, falling apart and leaking badly.  I patched it over the first winter, but now we decided it had to go.  Apart from being unsightly, and blocking the late afternoon sun from the patio in front of the new shed, it was just clearly beyond repair.

So over the last couple of months, I’ve been adapting a used 4 foot by 4 foot shed that we were given in return for a small contribution to allotment committee funds.  I extended it to make a 7 foot by 4 foot shed – a little on the small side, but  it should do.  That shed is ready now, further up the plot, so this Saturday Joe and I set about the old one’s destruction.  The day was sunny and dry, so we decided to burn the old timbers while the wood was dry.

The old shed: done its duty
Leaking and falling apart…ready to go
Joe wields the sledgehammer
Getting the bonfire going
It’s soon burning well
A shed once stood here…
And this is the new shed


A tidy start with a pegboard