Wintertime: digging and manuring

Mid-winter: the time for routine seasonal chores down on the plot.  The last fortnight has been largely spent wheelbarrowing horse manure down to the plot to replenish the midden where the stuff will be loft to rot down until the autumn.  The old stuff from last year has been spread on the deep beds, and we have done some digging and weeding.

Meanwhile, after two years of work eradicating brambles and the rest of the dereliction we found on the abandoned plot, the allotment is looking orderly and we feel that we have caught up with the annual timetable.  A symbol of the progress was the rare dry day, just before Christmas, when I went down and harvested our first Brussels sprouts.  Many of them were on the small size, but they fed the table on Christmas afternoon – and there are more on the way.

The broad beans planted in December are now showing young shoots and look healthy – and the the allotment society’s order for seeds from DT Brown’s has arrived (with a massive discount for a bulk order) .  We collected our order, based on Rita’s careful planning in the autumn, on Sunday, and can now start to look forward to the season of planting and thinning out in a month or so. But first – the greenhouse must be cleaned and sterilised.  Time for the Jeyes Fluid.

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