Monthly Archives: March 2013

A new season begins

March 3

It’s a been a good week for preparing the ground for the new growing season.  After being saturated through the autumn and winter, the soil has really dried out during the last three weeks of high pressure and cold, but dry weather.

I’ve put in the two final deep beds – bringing us up to the 14 we planned three years ago.  In the last week I’ve weeded and dug over the empty beds, and at the weekend used the rotavator to produce a fine tilth.  Everything is ready now for the first plantings later in the month.  As well as the usual – potatoes, onions, etc – one of the new beds will be given over to asparagus.

March 1

Meanwhile, the broad beans planted last autumn are doing well – they will give us an early crop in the late spring.

March 2